tube adapters

  • With 4 adjustment set screws
  • With 30mm/34mm diameter and 200mm/400mm length, anodised aluminum tube
Article Number Diameter Tube Length Material Weight Max. Body Weight
M431-15 S 30mm 400mm S.STEEL 295g + - 100kg
M431-16 S 30mm 200mm S.STEEL 199g + - 100kg
M434-15 S 34mm 400mm S.STEEL 370g + - 150kg
M434-16 S 34mm 200mm S.STEEL 260g + - 150kg
M431-15 A 30mm 400mm ALUMINUM 275g + - 100kg
M431-16 A 30mm 200mm ALUMINUM 179g + - 100kg
M431-15 T 30mm 400mm TITANIUM 267g + - 100kg
M431-16 T 30mm 200mm TITANIUM 170g + - 100kg
M434-15 T 34mm 400mm TITANIUM 330g + - 150kg
M434-16 T 34mm 200mm TITANIUM 220g + - 150kg