About Us

With our knowledge and experience until 1978, alongside analysing the needs in the orthopedic and prosthetic industry , ORTPAR ORTHOPEDIC PARTS INDUSTRY CO. LTD. was established in 1978.

ORTPAR has made the first in Turkish market by launching “lockable knee” production . In 1979, with the finished design and all of the connection parts, casting moulds having been completed, were added to the product range. The Canadian and Crutch series production were completed and started in 1985.

In 1989, ongoing the technological developments, ORTPAR setup their first CNC lathe and all the parts and devices were designed and catched the CNC technology.

Following the health and comfort demands with our unconditional customer satisfaction philosophy proived the best motivation to keep us as reliable orthotic & prosthetic manufacturer in the market with high quality products.

1998 was the year of the first exportation for ORTPAR. We expanded our machine line with CNC milling machines later on.

ORTPAR has made another first in Turkey in the year of 2000 by releasing the product “Modular Single Axis Knee Joints with Manual Lock”.

Today, we support the industry by over 30 different prosthetic parts and devices. We care about quality,demands and people with our experienced manufacturing and sales team.

You trust us, we follow you.


To become a customer oriented partner company by providing high quality products and services in local and world market.


Working with the harmony of “quality – confidence – price“ to keep customer satisfaction at top.