silicon liners

  • With or without internal laminate and distal connection, its optional
  • 6 months guarantee
Article Number Thickness Size
SLCN=210 3mm/6mm 210mm
SLCN=220 3mm/6mm 220mm
SLCN=235 3mm/6mm 235mm
SLCN=250 3mm/6mm 250mm
SLCN=265 3mm/6mm 265mm
SLCN=280 3mm/6mm 280mm
SLCN=300 3mm/6mm 300mm
SLCN=320 3mm/6mm 320mm
SLCN=340 3mm/6mm 340mm
SLCN=360 3mm/6mm 360mm
SLCN=380 3mm/6mm 380mm
SLCN=400 3mm/6mm 400mm
SLCN=420 3mm/6mm 420mm
SLCN=440 3mm/6mm 440mm