double pyramid receiver adapters

  • With 4 adjustment set screws
  • For extension of a socket adapter
Article Number Length Material Weight Max. Body Weight
M449-60 S 75mm S.STEEL 205g + - 100kg
M449-61 S 60mm S.STEEL 183g + - 100kg
M449-62 S 45mm S.STEEL 162g + - 100kg
M449-63 S 32mm S.STEEL 138g + - 100kg
M449-60 A 75mm ALUMINUM 110g + - 100kg
M449-61 A 60mm ALUMINUM 96g + - 100kg
M449-62 A 45mm ALUMINUM 91g + - 100kg
M449-63 A 32mm ALUMINUM 74g + - 100kg
M449-60 T 75mm TITANIUM   100kg
M449-61 T 60mm TITANIUM   100kg
M449-62 T 45mm TITANIUM   100kg
M449-63 T 32mm TITANIUM   100kg