Connection adapter with pyramid

  • With pyramid connection
  • With or without tube thread
Article Number Diatemer Tube Thread Material Weight Max. Body Weight
M431-27 S 30mm NO THREAD S.STEEL 145g + - 100kg
M431-28 S 30mm THREAD S.STEEL 145g + - 100kg
M431-44 S 34mm NO THREAD S.STEEL 202g + - 100kg
M431-45 S 34mm THREADED S.STEEL 202g + - 100kg
M431-27 A 30mm NO THREAD ALUMINUM 88g + - 100kg
M431-28 A 30mm THREADED ALUMINUM 88g + - 100kg
M431-27 T 30mm NO THREAD TITANIUM 100kg
M431-28 T 30mm THREAD TITANIUM 100kg
M431-44 T 34mm NO THREAD TITANIUM 100kg
M431-45 T 34mm THREADED TITANIUM 100kg